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Updated routing policy

All external traffic is now routed through bc247. Initially, iserver2 was setup for NAT forwarding, and has been working fine. Due to the university IT policy, all LAN and WIFI hosts must authenticate themselves by entering their password in a

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Kernel Upgrade

The boot kernel has just been updated to This is a custom compile of the source vanilla kernel (avalible here) This new kernel offers no (obvious) performance benefits, the upgrade was done because a new kernel had to be

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Worldwide Visitors

I’d like to welcome the visitors to this site from all over the world. In the last month, we have seen (using Google Analytics) visitors from: Australia, Germany, China, Spain, Israel, Japan, United States. I hope you find some useful

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iserver2 Downtime

After another power failure, iserver2 again failed to boot. The server was loading the kernel and initrd, but then kernel panicking. After booting using a rescue disk, the kernel and initrd from bc247 were scp’ed across and added to the

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