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CFD in Harmony

In a scenario very different to modern international politics, two competing CFD codes run side-by-side on the Beowulf Cluster. It is nice to see peaceful harmony every so often, although this doesn’t mean we want CFX to tarnish our cluster!!!

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As a security precaution against unwanted incursions, The iptables rules of the servers have been updated to only allow the bare minimum traffic to pass through. I may have accidentally blocked traffic that should have been permitted, hopefully any mistakes

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Over the last week, we have downgraded Star CCM+ to a version that is being used by a PhD student at Monash. Version 6.04.014 is now working very well on the Beowulf cluster, and we look forward to more people

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Nodes page

A new page has been created under System>Nodes. I hope to use this page to describe the configuration of the nodes in depth. I have made a start to this, but the configuration is much more complicated than these two

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