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Building exodusII

I have just compiled a short guide on how to build the exodusII library. Building exodusII The exodusII library is an open CAE filetype that has the ability to read and write “parallel” files. In terms of HPC computing, this

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New site

The old site hosted internally at has been migrated across to a site. This means that this site is once again accessible to the outside world, and hopefully the information contained will be useful to all. It also

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Kernel Update

So apparently you SHOULD NOT COMPILE Kernels with the Ring Buffer Stress Tester (Kernel Hacking > Tracers). This causes the executables rb_producer and rb_consumer to be created and run all the time. These are testing functions that use 100% of

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NFS help needed

Home directories are being shared amongst nodes via NFS, however I have not managed to properly configure any sort of username management to fix problems with permissions and ownership. As a result, files are displayed as owned by “nobody” on

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Licensing Issues

Unfortunately bc247 is not yet equipped with the ability to probe license servers before starting jobs. It is hoped that a system similar to the License Shadowing Daemon used on the NCI clusters can be implemented. For the mean time,

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Fixed single thread problem

After many successful jobs run on the cluster, it was recently shown to me that StarCCM was printing an error message that the program is trying to run four threads, however the system only had a single thread. I had

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CFD in Harmony

In a scenario very different to modern international politics, two competing CFD codes run side-by-side on the Beowulf Cluster. It is nice to see peaceful harmony every so often, although this doesn’t mean we want CFX to tarnish our cluster!!!

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