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Ansys 14.5

Ansys 14.5 is now on Beowulf. The entire suite is installed including ANSYS Mechanical (APDL), Fluent, CFX, ICEMCFD and E-mag Products Advertisements

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Node Reboot Script Update

After some investigation work, it was found that the script to reboot the cluster nodes did not have enough time delay between each node reboot to stop the network from over-congesting. As a result,  was not able to respond to all DHCP

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A new script has been added to the startup (S98pinguid in rc3.d) to set the SUID bit for the ping command using chmod u+s. Although the script will run at every startup, the time taken to run the script is

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Kernel 3.7.4

Today the slave nodes were updated to a custom build of Linux Kernel 3.7.4(Vanilla). The build version is internally known as beowulf-slave-node-v13. Also, the process for managing kernel versions on the TFTP server (iserver2) has been automated to streamline updates

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Because the speed of SFTP is quite limited due to the encryption requirement, I have decided to open limited FTP access to the server. All registered users can now access the server using their chosen FTP client (FileZilla is recommended

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I have created a new crontab that takes a snapshot of all the pbsnodes at 1:00AM every morning and dumps it into /var/log/pbsnodes/pbsnodes-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the date the snapshot was taken. This will help track nodes that aren’t booting,

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Kernel Upgrade

The boot kernel has just been updated to This is a custom compile of the source vanilla kernel (avalible here) This new kernel offers no (obvious) performance benefits, the upgrade was done because a new kernel had to be

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