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We are now likable using Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just click on one of the buttons to show your support. There was also a button for Xing, but I have no idea what Xing is, so I got rid

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New node booting section

A new page has been added to the site to explain the complicated node boot process (link). The page is defiantly not yet complete, only the first few stages have been fully explained. It is hoped that this page may

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After a trip to Africa, I am back to resurrect Beo for 2013. When I logged on to the forum, there were heaps of comments on posts that were obviously spam. If anyone knows how to block spammers from posting

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New Logo

Check it out!!! The idea of converting ASCII art back into an image seems counter intuitive though……

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Nodes page

A new page has been created under System>Nodes. I hope to use this page to describe the configuration of the nodes in depth. I have made a start to this, but the configuration is much more complicated than these two

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