This project is to analyse and improve the aerodynamics of the Daytona Sportscar racecar. The car is a modified racing version of the Daytona Sportscar Project. The racing car competes in local and international endurance races. Race updates for the various races can be found here.

The images below document the car in it’s initial configuration before any enhancements had been made. Whilst the car performs well aerodynamically, there are some devices that are not behaving as intended. The wake of the rear wing mounting plates is causing large scale separation which is spreading span-wise along the wing, as can be seen in the pressure distribution and vector overlay, which is therefore wiping out a lot of downforce from the center section of the rear wing, as can be seen in the lift distribution graph. There are also separation bubbles forming on the top of the roof scoop and underneath the front splitter.

Identifying the above issues and many more, and then rectifying them for subsequent designs, has resulted in a better performing aerodynamic model. By performing CFD tests in more complex situations (e.g. rotating reference frame/cornering), and using those results to further enhance aerodynamic performance, a new aero package will be developed which will decrease lap times.


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